GPAS Outreach Request Form - for departments/programs/organizations serving graduate students and postdocs

Graduate and Postdoc Academic Success Program
Mission Statement
The Graduate & Postdoc Academic Success (GPAS) program provides the critical infrastructure and support for College/School leadership, departments/programs, and faculty to assist their students and postdocs in reaching their academic goals. We do this through direct outreach to departments and faculty, responsive programming and workshops, and direct support of students and postdocs in alignment with their development as the next generation of scholars and leaders. In addition to tailored and responsive programming to support departments, graduate student, and postdoc needs, we offer individual success planning sessions which include conversations around progress, productivity and navigating academic relationships. 
On Demand Programs/Presentations
We are happy to accept requests submitted by student organizations, staff, and faculty for presentations on services offered by GPAS and topics relevant to academic success for our graduate students and postdoc community.  For a description of available presentations, please visit our website

We will follow all university COVID-19 guidelines for meetings - when meeting in person is not appropriate, we will work to provide virtual programming and services.  

To request services, please complete the form below.  Please note: GPAS staff require a minimum of two weeks' notice to consider requests.  All requests will be screened by a staff member within 2-3 business days of the initial request.  Approval of requests are contingent upon scheduling, availability of staff and type of request submitted.

If you are seeking a program by our Student Care Network Partners (Student Care Coordination, Center for Student Wellbeing, University Counseling Center), please utilize their outreach request form, here.