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Yes+ Meditation Club of Vanderbilt

We want to see a smile on everybody's face in Vanderbilt! Our organization focuses on developing leadership and empowerment skills, stress management and healthy life through yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

Young Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt University (YAL@VU)

Young Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt University (YAL@VU) is the official libertarian student organization on campus. We actively recruit, educate, and mobilize students on libertarian philosophy through educational activities.

Youth Encouragement Services - Vanderbilt (Y.E.S. Vanderbilt)

Y.E.S. Vanderbilt serves to promote and further the goals of the Nashville organization, Youth Encouragement Services on Vanderbilt's campus. Y.E.S. Vanderbilt will further the organization’s mission by providing dedicated, dependable volunteers.