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Warriors Not Worriers

This club was created to shed light on OCD and work to better the mental health of those affected by it. Whether you have been diagnosed with OCD or simply want to escape your stressors, this club will offer a safe place to face those difficulties.


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Wellness Resource Center (Wellness Center)

From community outreach, active lifestyle promotions, Personal Training, professional boxing and burlesque clinics, Nutrition services & classes, health & wellness events/parties, speakers, and more--Your Wellness Team will help you Live Your Best Life!

Wesley Fellowship (Vandy Wesley)

Vandy Wesley is a student COMMUNITY on a spiritual JOURNEY to positively IMPACT Vanderbilt, Nashville, middle TN, and beyond.

West House

Located on the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, West House provides modern features in a classic structure. West houses approximately 112 first-year men and women on separate floors, mostly in traditional double rooms.


"WeThrive is a collective of undergrads that mentor and teach life skills through entrepreneurship to youth of under-resourced communities. We work through college student chapters that operate as entrepreneurial hubs for their peers and local community.

Wilderness Medical Society (WMS)

WMS is a group of medical students dedicated to advancing education in wilderness medicine through hands-on opportunities, including medical workshops, lectures, and outdoor activities.

Wilderness Skills 101 (WilSkills)

Wilderness Skills is Vanderbilt University's premier outdoor experience. The entirely student-run course consists of lectures on outdoor topics and weekend trips. Trip activities include backpacking, rock climbing, caving, and whitewater paddling.

Wildlife Awareness Community (WAC)

To promote animal welfare in the contexts of zoos, entertainment industries, research facilities, and the wild (i.e. anti-poaching and habitat preservation) via education, fundraising, and volunteering.

Women In Computing (WiC)

Women in Computing provides guidance and support to underrepresented groups to pursue opportunities in computing-related fields.

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