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ACE Design Team (ACE)

ACE Design is a free resource to all students, student organizations, and faculty departments at Vanderbilt University. ACE does the work to advertise your campus event, for FREE!! Select the forms tab to submit a project request.

Artist's VU

The purpose of this club is to allow students to express themselves in a creative and cathartic manner in a stress-free environment using art as a primary medium.

Arts and Campus Events (ACE)

Get involved in the arts! Come see Concerts, Speakers, the Galleries. Explore your creative side through arts-related activities: Dance, Studio Arts, Vanderbilt Performing Arts Council, International Lens Film Series, and Special Arts Initiatives

Curb Creative Campus Initiative

An effort to make creative expression, practice, and problem solving a core aspect of campus life and the Vanderbilt experience.

Fine Arts Gallery

The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery features a series of engaging exhibitions each year that represent the diversity of artistic production today, as well as throughout the history of Eastern and Western art.

FLiCX (Faculty-Led, interactive, Cinematic eXplorations)

Post-screening discussion of films at the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village. [FLiCX is largely on hiatus for the spring of 2016 as the Belcourt undergoes renovation.]

International Lens Film Series (iLens)

A Film Series Curated by the Vanderbilt Cinema & Media Arts Program

Kefi Collective (Kefi)

Kefi Collective is an organization dedicated to the creation of public art within the Vanderbilt campus. We unite creative individuals within the Vanderbilt community to rethink how users of the campus interact with their environment.

Life's a Stitch (Knitting Club)

Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a newbie, this club offers a fun expression outlet which provides us with a pause in our crazy schedules to just sit back and relax with friends while knitting blankets for the homeless shelter.


An organization that ensures every person involved or interested in the humanities have the opportunity, resources, and safe haven to share their ideas, connect with others, and form networks to help advance any project or career they plan on pursuing.

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