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UKIRK Nashville (UKIRK)

UKIRK Nashville exists to provide area college students a place for Christian community and spiritual growth by: deepening relationships through fellowship, experiencing God through worship, and encouraging discipleship.

Undergraduate Honor Council (UHC)

The Undergraduate Honor Council is run by students, but is supported by faculty advisors. The Executive Board and the general body, consisting of around 80 members, is entirely composed of students.

Undergraduate Political Science Association (UPSA)

The Vanderbilt Undergraduate Political Science Association's mission is twofold. First, the group works to facilitate interactions between faculty and students. Second, the group works to enhance political science students' understanding of the field.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research at Vanderbilt

Undergraduate Women's Business Association

This organization is in the process of registering to become a student organization.

United Students Against Sweatshops

This group is in the process of completing the approval forms to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO).

University Concert Band (UCB)

The University Concert Band (UCB) is an ensemble for non-major woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians in the Vanderbilt University community to rehearse and perform concert band music together.

University Staff Advisory Council (USAC)

USAC represents staff members in university central who are not in a union-eligible job. We advise administration and staff on issues, policies, and practices that affect the university and those served by those served by the council.