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The Office of Student Organizations

Student Organizations connects the campus community by highlighting opportunities for meaningful involvement

The Ingram Commons

The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons begins four transformative years of a Vanderbilt education. First-year students live and learn together in the 10 Houses of The Ingram Commons, each guided by a Faculty Head of House who lives among the students.

Take Back the Night at Vanderbilt (TBTN Vanderbilt)

We seek to raise awareness about violence against students, to give students a voice in their own safety on campus, and to provide easily accessible resources for violence prevention and student safety through a Take Back the Night march and forum.

TAMID Group at Vanderbilt (TAMID)

The mission of TAMID Group at Vanderbilt is to expand the network and professional skills of all members through interactions with the Israeli economy. TAMID Group unites students of like interests and provides them with exceptional consulting and...

Tap That!

A group to explore and enjoy all different aspects of tap!

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)

Integrity and Excellence in Engineering Tau Beta Pi is universally recognized as the premier engineering honor society. It is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious in all engineering fields.

Tau Beta Sigma (TBĪ£)

Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary band service organization. The Eta Phi chapter is affiliated with the Vanderbilt Spirit of Gold Marching Band.

Tennessee Model Congress

Tennessee Model Congress is an organization dedicated to educating students about current issues, how to write & debate bills, and participation in an appellate Moot Court. We participate in TISL (Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature) in the fall.

TFC Social Venture Club (TFC)

The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures is committed to alleviating poverty through market-driven forces and enterprise. The Center is directed by an interdisciplinary graduate student programming board (TFC Social Venture Club).

The Communication of Science & Technology (CSET)

The Communication of Science Technology is an undergraduate interdisciplinary major.

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