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Lights on the Lawn (LOTL)

Planning the Lights on the Lawn Philanthropy Concert

Vanderbilt Historians

Embodying the Commodore Spirit.

Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB)

The Vanderbilt Programming Board (VPB) is comprised of the 6 largest programming organizations on campus: Homecoming Committee, Speakers Committee, CityVU, The Music Group, VenUe, and Vandy Fanatics.


VPB's City VU seeks to expose the Vanderbilt community to Nashville's many wonders by offering events year-round, both on and off campus...all of which are open to everyone, and entirely free of charge!

VPB Homecoming Committee

The Homecoming Committee works to provide interesting activities to incite enthusiasm for Vanderbilt athletics and alumni relations. These events include spirit events, service activities and the Outstanding Senior Award.

VPB Music Group

The Music Group is a student concert committee that plans, publicizes and produces several concerts a year for students of Vanderbilt and the Nashville community. Our annual events are Commodore Quake and Rites of Spring.

VPB Speakers Committee

The Vanderbilt University Speakers Committee has the responsibility of enhancing the quality of student life and the Vanderbilt educational experience by attracting and presenting distinguished speakers to the University.

VPB Vandy Fanatics

Vandy Fanatics is the student organization dedicated to promoting school spirit by sponsoring events for the Vanderbilt community. Activities encourage attendance at athletic events, support student-athletes, and uphold Vanderbilt sports traditions.

VPB's The VenUe Committee (VPB's The VenUe)

VPB's The VenUe offers late-night programming for Vanderbilt students in unique and enjoyable ways. Our goal is to provide entertainment otherwise not available to students as a part of the Vanderbilt night life.