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Alternative Gift Fair (AGF)

A local and global change agent that seeks to promote and facilitate alternative gift giving by bringing together benevolent campus and community organizations.

Autism Speaks U Vanderbilt

This group is in the process of completing the approval forms to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

Cards For A Cause

Cards for a Cause is a Vanderbilt service organization dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through the design and creation of high-quality, handmade cards uniquely tailored to the needs of each population served.

Coaching For Literacy (CFL)

Coaching For Literacy is a student-led service organization dedicated to the cultivation of awareness within the student body of the pervasiveness of functional illiteracy and the problems associated with it.


CURE U is a Christian faith based organization of the parent not for profit company CURE International. CURE U raises money and awareness for treatable children's surgeries at nearly a dozen hospitals in low income environments across the world.

Dance Marathon (VUDM)

Dance Marathon, Vandy's largest student-run philanthropic organization, is a yearlong fundraising effort for the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt that culminates in a 13.1-hour "Big Event" which draws about 1,000 attendees each year!


DiaBEATetes' key mission is to provide those with diabetes a supportive outlet to openly discuss topics associated with diabetes. DiaBEATetes will also aim to be one step closer to the cure by donating the money generated from selling albums and...

Happiness Club

Happiness Club is committed to creating a better sense of community through friendly and positive interactions, fostering helpfulness and excitement amongst peers, and creating moments that lead people to think, “That just made my day!"

Life to Love

Our goal is to advocate and raise funds for the education of women and girls worldwide.

Life's a Stitch (Knitting Club)

Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a newbie, this club offers a fun expression outlet which provides us with a pause in our crazy schedules to just sit back and relax with friends while knitting blankets for the homeless shelter.

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