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Arts and Campus Events (ACE)

Get involved in the arts! Come see Concerts, Speakers, the Galleries. Explore your creative side through arts-related activities: Dance, Studio Arts, Vanderbilt Performing Arts Council, International Lens Film Series, and Special Arts Initiatives

Freestyle Club (Freestyle)

"All of life is a freestyle" - Johnny Silver

Literature, Arts, and Medicine at VUSM

Medical School Organization


The mission is to create a fun, safe, and relaxing environment, while representing the minorities at Vanderbilt by giving them a literal voice. The love of music is meant to be shown in our faces, heard in our voices, and felt in the hearts of EVERYONE.

Nilaja Amari Dance Troupe (Nilaja Amari)

Nilaja Amari is Vanderbilt’s premier African dance group made up of diverse students who are passionate about African culture and dance. Through dance, Nilaja Amari strives to expose more communities to the culture and celebrate the diversity.


POIESIS exists to provide space for student creativity. POIESIS seeks to allow students the opportunity for artistic growth, expression, and incorporation within their degree program at VDS.


While many dance groups on campus are closed, audition-only performance groups, SOUL exists to facilitate general admission dance battles and freestyle dance circles between individuals and other pre-existing dance groups here at Vanderbilt.

Tap That!

A group to explore and enjoy all different aspects of tap!

The Jazz Education Network Chapter of Vanderbilt University (VUJEN)

This organization's mission is akin to the mission of the national organization: we are dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences.

The Original Cast (Cast)

The Original Cast is Vanderbilt's Musical Theatre Revue Troupe.

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