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Crucial Conversations

Our mission is to shape Peabody into a place for open dialogue and respectful discussion about race, culture, and the identity of every person as a valued member of our scholarly community.

Department of Special Education

Ranked as a top-tier special education program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for more than a decade, the department has long been a leader both in research and practice.

Higher Education Administration Professional Development Committee (HEAPDC)

The Higher Education Administration Professional Development Committee (HEAPDC) serves to support the professional development of students in the Higher Education Administration program at Peabody College.

Lyrical Movements

Our mission is to use the therapeutic powers of music to serve the various needs of children, including those with disabilities, in our community.

Office of Honor Scholarships (OHS)

For information about the Office of Honor Scholarships, please visit our website:

Peabody Bridges

This organization is designed to support underrepresented minorities, international students, low-income students, and first-generation students within Peabody College both academically and professionally.

Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates (PCBG)

The Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates is an organization geared towards students of color that seeks to provide social support to its members. PCBG also plays an integral in the recruitment and retention of minority students on Peabody's campus.

Peabody Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

PGSA plans academic, social, and professional development events that brings together graduate students from all areas of Peabody College. PGSA also advocates on behalf of Peabody students for a better student experience.

Peabody Office of Professional and Graduate Education

Learn about upcoming programs, speakers, and events offered by the Peabody Office of Professional and Graduate Education

Peabody Q. Ed. (Q.Ed.)

Through intentional, community-building outreach, advocacy, social events, and education, Q.Ed. will make Peabody a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ students and their allies.

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