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A Celebration of Life

Dedicated to erasing the stigmas surrounding mental unrest, this organization seeks to unite all walks of life in a celebration of the highlights of life while grappling with the lowlights.

Blair School of Music (Blair)

The Blair School of Music serves as the focal point within Vanderbilt University for the study of music as a human endeavor and as a performing art.

CMA EDU at Vanderbilt

CMA EDU supports full-time undergraduate college students in their pursuit of a music industry career by offering them networking opportunities and other industry experiences.

Commodore Orchestra (VCO)

The purpose of the VCO is to provide totally-inclusive, musically enjoyable, educational, and culturally enriching performance opportunities for all members of the Vanderbilt University community while creating amazing experiences for our community.

Freestyle Club (Freestyle)

"All of life is a freestyle" - Johnny Silver

Harmonies for the Elderly (HFTE)

This organization is currently in the registration process and is not yet a recognized student organization.

Jugal Vandy (JV)

The purpose of the organization is to bring musicians of different cultures together to make music that unifies diverse peoples. Jugal Vandy uses music from different styles, cultures, and places around the world to create a new and unique fusion style.

Lyrical Movements

Our mission is to use the therapeutic powers of music to serve the various needs of children, including those with disabilities, in our community.


The mission is to create a fun, safe, and relaxing environment, while representing the minorities at Vanderbilt by giving them a literal voice. The love of music is meant to be shown in our faces, heard in our voices, and felt in the hearts of EVERYONE.

Nilaja Amari Dance Troupe (Nilaja Amari)

Nilaja Amari is Vanderbilt’s premier African dance group made up of diverse students who are passionate about African culture and dance. Through dance, Nilaja Amari strives to expose more communities to the culture and celebrate the diversity.

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