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Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Vanderbilt University (NROTC Vanderbilt)

NROTC emphasizes academic excellence and professional development in preparing our midshipmen for the challenges and demands they will face as junior officers in the fleet.

Owen Armed Forces Club

The Owen Armed Forces Club represents all Owen Graduate School of Management students who have an interest in leadership and/or the military and provides a networking platform for students, alumni, and prospective candidates.

Vanderbilt Army ROTC (VUROTC)

V-ROTC is a student-run organization charged with exposing Commodores to the leadership values of the US Army, and to strengthen civil-military relations by creating a generation of informed leaders in both spheres through mutual exposure and education

Vanderbilt Students for the Armed Services (VSAS)

A service organization dedicated to supporting and honoring past and present U.S. military personnel.