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CMA EDU at Vanderbilt

CMA EDU supports full-time undergraduate college students in their pursuit of a music industry career by offering them networking opportunities and other industry experiences.

Global AmbassaDors (GA)

Global AmbassaDores promotes Vanderbilt University among the prospective college students of foreign nationalities and strives to form a social network of international students on campus.

Inside 'Dores

Inside 'Dores is a blog run through Admissions that aims at providing prospective Vanderbilt students with a realistic perspective of what daily life at Vanderbilt is like. Bloggers are all Vanderbilt undergraduates.

Kefi Collective (Kefi)

Kefi Collective is an organization dedicated to the creation of public art within the Vanderbilt campus. We unite creative individuals within the Vanderbilt community to rethink how users of the campus interact with their environment.

Literature, Arts, and Medicine at VUSM

Medical School Organization

Movies that Matter (MtM)

Movies that Matter is an organization that seeks to expose people to the many underlying social issues our society faces through movies by facilitating movie screenings followed by open discussion of the social issues presented in the chosen movies.


This group is in the process of completing the approval forms to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

RVU Records

RVU Records is a student-run recording studio and record label dedicated to assisting Vanderbilt's musicians and artists in the recording, production, and promotion process.

Spoon University

This publication is for the students, by the students, serving as a what’s hot and what’s new for the food enthusiasts of Vanderbilt’s campus.


Synesis' mission is to introduce and foster deep Christian thought among members of the Vanderbilt community by integrating faith and reason to provide insight and intellectual discussion on topics relevant to the community through a Christian lens.

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