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The purpose of JOG is to bring together law students, professors, and local attorneys who share an interest in running. We hope to run together regularly as a group and to participate in various local road races.

Japanese Cultural Foundation (JCF)

The basic mission of the Japanese Cultural Foundation is to inspire a greater interest in traditional and modern Japanese culture both on the Vanderbilt campus and in the greater Nashville area, in newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA)

The purposes of the Jewish Law Students Association (“JLSA”) are to serve as a sounding board and advocacy group for the Jewish students of Vanderbilt University Law School.

Jewish Studies 180W Fall 2013 (JS 180W Fall 2013)

Jewish Studies 180 Writing Seminar, Fall 2013 taught by Professor Shaul Kelner

Jewish Studies Program

Vanderbilt's Program in Jewish Studies facilitates the critical study of Jewish history, religion, language, philosophy, politics, culture, society, music, art, and literature across continents and millennia.

Jugal Vandy (JV)

The purpose of the organization is to bring musicians of different cultures together to make music that unifies diverse peoples. Jugal Vandy uses music from different styles, cultures, and places around the world to create a new and unique fusion style.