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Housing and Residential Education (OHARE)

OHARE has responsibility for all 34 of the residence halls on campus, staffing and programming within the residence halls, living learning communities, facilities management, and the Office of Conferences.

Hank Ingram House

Hank Ingram House is located next to the Dean’s Residence on The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons. “Hank House” provides modern features in a classic building housing approximately 290 first-year students in traditional double rooms.

Hannah Kang

Project Heal is a Christian non-profit organization established at Vanderbilt University dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in developing nations through student-led medical missions centered around a collaborative, educational and service.

Happiness Club

Happiness Club is committed to creating a better sense of community through friendly and positive interactions, fostering helpfulness and excitement amongst peers, and creating moments that lead people to think, “That just made my day!"

Harmonic Notion

Harmonic Notion is Vanderbilt's only ICCA-competing, co-ed a cappella group. We strive to perform a cappella music at a high level for the Vanderbilt audience and throughout the greater musical community with a high quality sound and stellar showmanship.

Harmonies for the Elderly (HFTE)

This organization is currently in the registration process and is not yet a recognized student organization.

Headnotes: A Cappella (Headnotes)

Vanderbilt Law School's A Cappella Group.

Health Law Society (HLS)

The Health Law Society (HLS) is a student organization in the Vanderbilt Law School that focuses on current issues in health law, health policy, and the healthcare industry.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

HOSA prepares pre-health students for work by nurturing their ability to perform skills and tasks under pressure similar to the reality experienced in an actual workplace environment.

Health Plus

Health Plus Mission: Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Practices

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