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Adam Smith Society - Owen Chapter

The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business leaders who work to promote on campus debate and discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.

Anthropology Graduate Student Association (VAGSA)

Organization for Graduate Students in the Department of Anthropology

Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (BSA)

The Biochemistry Graduate Student Association (BSA) is an organization that functions to promote academic enhancement in the Department of Biochemistry of the graduate school.

Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association (BioSci GSA)

The purpose of the Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association is to increase comradery between all students in Biological Sciences by holding social events throughout the school year and recruiting graduate students to the department.

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (BME GSA)

BME GSA serves to foster unity among biomedical engineering graduate students, faculty, and undergraduate students.

Biostatistics Graduate Student Association

We seek to facilitate an environment for students to engage in discussions regarding biostatistics and data science concepts in order to further their knowledge and understanding of the current state of the field.

Cancer Biology Student Association (CBSA)

The CBSA is a service organization designed to aid students in the Department of Cancer Biology. It is intended to foster scientific interactions and strengthen the career development of students studying cancer biology.

Chemical and Physical Biology Graduate Student Association (CPB GSA)

The purpose of the CPB GSA is to promote professional and social interaction among graduate students within the Chemical and Physical Biology program while also serving to facilitate feedback between students and faculty members.

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA)

The purpose of ChEGSA is to enhance the experience of graduate students within the department by engendering camaraderie among the graduate students and increasing student involvement in the department through student/faculty interactions.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Council (CEE Council)

The purpose of the CEE Council is to promote social and professional interaction among the CEE graduate students and to facilitate communication between the department students and faculty members.

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