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Gabbe College

Gabbe College

GCTC (Greater Christ Temple Church) Collegiate Life Ministry (GCTC)

This organization aims to provide a holistic experience for students on and off campus, in order to help them develop, maintain and strengthen not only their faith but also their collegiate life experience.

Geology Club

Geology Club is an organization with ties to the Earth and Environmental Sciences department that is open to all interested members of the Vanderbilt Community. We celebrate the Earth and promote environmental awareness. Geology Club rocks!

German Graduate Student Association (GGSA)

The GGSA seeks to enrich the graduate student experience within the Vanderbilt German Department, as well as to promote German Studies at all levels in our campus community and beyond.

Gifts of Life Campus Ambassadors

This organization is in the process of registering to become a student organization.

Gillette House

Located on The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, Gillette House is residence for 220 first-year men and women living separately on floors 2–6.

Glamour Gals (GG)

Glamour Gals is a student organization that volunteers weekly at local nursing homes to paint nails, do makeup, and engage in conversation with the elderly residents.

Global AmbassaDors (GA)

Global AmbassaDores promotes Vanderbilt University among the prospective college students of foreign nationalities and strives to form a social network of international students on campus.

Global China Connection (GCC)

GCC connects future leaders from US colleges and assists them in developing the skills and networks necessary to succeed both in China and internationally.

Global Education Office (GEO)

Learn more and apply for more than 100 study abroad programs and scholarships.

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