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Federalist Society at Vanderbilt Law School (Federalist Society)

The Federalist Society promotes the intellectual exchange of views concerning current legal and public policy interests, focusing on conservative and libertarian political philosophy, particularly as applied to the judiciary.

Fine Arts Gallery

The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery features a series of engaging exhibitions each year that represent the diversity of artistic production today, as well as throughout the history of Eastern and Western art.


A student-run organization to support, celebrate and empower first-generation students at Vanderbilt University. FirstVU will be led by Peer Advocates who are also first generation students and serve as the executive board of the FirstVU...

FLiCX (Faculty-Led, interactive, Cinematic eXplorations)

Post-screening discussion of films at the Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village. [FLiCX is largely on hiatus for the spring of 2016 as the Belcourt undergoes renovation.]

For All Life

For All Life seeks to embrace the true nature of the word "pro-life," by standing for all who are marginalized: the unborn, the homeless, those with disabilities, the aging, the dying, those who are seen as "Other" and apart.

Freestyle Club (Freestyle)

"All of life is a freestyle" - Johnny Silver

Front Desk Assistants (FDA)

Organizational group for the OHARE FDAs