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Al's Pub

Divinity School Organization that facilitates community and fellowship through a bi-weekly happy hour.

Environmental Stewardship & Justice (ESJ)

ESJ seeks to empower students in the divinity school community to think and act theologically as well as ethically about environmental issues

International Student Association-Divinity and Graduate School (ISA - VDS & GDR)

The main purpose of this organization will be to foster a community, visibly represent, and be a voice for the International Students at Vanderbilt University Divinity School and The Graduate Department of Religion.

Latinx Seminarians (LAS)

To harness and encourage the plurality and diversity of Latinx identifying persons and their experiences.


Marginalia aspires to heed a prophet's exhortation to "defend the rights of the poor and needy," focusing on issues of homelessness and incarceration.

Office of Honor Scholarships (OHS)

For information about the Office of Honor Scholarships, please visit our website:

Office of LGBTQIA Concerns, Vanderbilt Divinity School (GABLE)

GABLE is for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other community members who are concerned about LGBTQIA issues, particularly in relation to faith communities.

Office of Women's Concerns (OWC)

The Office of Women's Concerns at Vanderbilt Divinity School is committed to encouraging, celebrating and bringing together women from any and all religious traditions through cultural, social, educational, and justice/empowerment-oriented endeavors.


POIESIS exists to provide space for student creativity. POIESIS seeks to allow students the opportunity for artistic growth, expression, and incorporation within their degree program at VDS.

Society of Saint Cornelius (SSC)

The Society of St. Cornelius is a group of people who are associated with Vanderbilt Divinity School (students, faculty, and staff) who share a passion and/or interest in high liturgical traditions.

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