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Badminton Club

The VBC is one of the official sport clubs of the Vanderbilt University. The club was established in the summer of 1999 and is currently into its 18th year of existence, and has around 25 active members originating from different parts of the globe.

Club Baseball

We strive to provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students of Vanderbilt University to continue playing competitive baseball without the level of commitment that comes with varsity athletics.

Club Tennis

We are a nationally recognized organization dedicated to fun, competitive tennis. We practice three times a week, and play numerous tournaments both on campus and off throughout the year.

Ice Hockey

To provide students who love hockey with the opportunity to represent the University in the American Collegiate Hockey Association and Southeastern Collegiate Hockey Conference in a fun and competitive culture that is fully governed by the club members.

Kung Fu Club

The VU Kung Fu Club trains in the arts of Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Walu, and other great Chinese Boxing arts that emphasize realistic self-defense, arts also excellent for maintaining and improving one's overall health. All levels are welcome!

Men's Club Lacrosse

Vanderbilt Men's Club Lacrosse

Men's Club Water Polo (Men's Water Polo)

The Vanderbilt Water Polo Club is one of Vanderbilt's most dedicated club sports organizations. With weekly practices and tournaments throughout the school year, this team is committed to bringing the sport of water polo to the Vanderbilt student body.

Racquetball Club

The Goal of the racquetball club is always to have fun and learn something new about racquetball. Club members play, learn, teach each other the sport, and meet new players in the process of creating future opportunities for games.

Rowing Club

This club was formed to bring the sport of rowing to the entire Vanderbilt community.

Running Club

The Running Club is a student organization dedicated to uniting student runners of all levels, experiences, and goals for charitable races, intercollegiate competition, camaraderie, and training.

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