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Adam Smith Society - Owen Chapter

The Adam Smith Society is a nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business leaders who work to promote on campus debate and discussion about the moral, social, and economic benefits of capitalism.

Business Book Club

Business Book Club aims to educate its members on foundational business knowledge through a diverse range of literature.

Business Careers in Entertainment Club (BCEC)

The Business Careers in Entertainment Club will provide students at Vanderbilt University with an opportunity to gain insight into various professional sectors of the entertainment industry, as well as unique networking opportunities and alumni databases

Career Center

The Career Center helps students effectively develop their professional capabilities, define their identities and build resilience as they prepare for employment in a rapidly changing world.

CMA EDU at Vanderbilt

CMA EDU supports full-time undergraduate college students in their pursuit of a music industry career by offering them networking opportunities and other industry experiences.

Curbside Commodores

Our mission is to improve dining options and promote local businesses while providing students real-world business experience. We want to connect Vanderbilt to the local flavor that makes Nashville so unique.

Effective Altruism (VEA)

The goal of VEA is to spread the budding philosophy of Effective Altruism throughout the Vanderbilt community.

International Student Career Development (ISC)

The International Student Career Development (ISC) is a student-run organization dedicated to providing resources and exploring diverse career paths to help international students develop their professional capabilities and career plans.

Law and Business Society of Vanderbilt Law School (VLBS)

Mission Statement: Vanderbilt Law and Business Society aims to provide students with exposure to a variety of corporate and transactional practices outside of the typical litigation-focused law school curriculum.

Medicine and Business Society

Dedicated to providing future physicians with the business skills necessary to prepare them for leadership in today's healthcare world.

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