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Active Citizenship and Service (OACS)

The mission of the Office of Active Citizenship and Service is to create a culture for exploration and learning followed by critical reflection and action for the common good.

Crucial Conversations

Our mission is to shape Peabody into a place for open dialogue and respectful discussion about race, culture, and the identity of every person as a valued member of our scholarly community.

Design For America - Vanderbilt (DFA - Vanderbilt)

Design For America is a network of student-led organizations seeking to create social change through interdisciplinary design.

Dores In Solidarity with Palestine (DSP)

A chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, DSP is a human rights advocacy group dedicated to fostering a space to spread awareness of the oppression facing the Palestinian people while also standing in solidarity with all marginalized groups.

Effective Altruism (VEA)

The goal of VEA is to spread the budding philosophy of Effective Altruism throughout the Vanderbilt community.

Emergency Relief Coalition

Student/Staff committee for emergency relief.

Environmental Stewardship & Justice (ESJ)

ESJ seeks to empower students in the divinity school community to think and act theologically as well as ethically about environmental issues

Freestyle Club (Freestyle)

"All of life is a freestyle" - Johnny Silver

Hidden Dores

Hidden Dores is a student led campaign that wishes to illuminate and improve the experiences of students of color on Vanderbilt's campus.

Immigration Law Society

The Vanderbilt Immigration Law Society seeks to educate the Vanderbilt Law community about immigration issues, to connect students with attorneys working in the immigration field, and to aid the local community with time, knowledge, and compassion.

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