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ACE Design is the go-to source for student organization marketing on Vanderbilt's campus. ACE Design also assists in the creation of graphic materials for any class assignment with permission from an instructor. In addition, Ace Design is also in charge of all the advertising for the International Lens Film Series. The ACE Design team comprises of graduate and undergraduate students employed by Vanderbilt University. ACE Design team members come from many different majors and career paths, but we all share a passion for design and advertising.

Please note that we only can complete work with registered Vanderbilt student organizations, departments of Vanderbilt on relevant activities, or with Vanderbilt students needing work on a Vanderbilt class or Vanderbilt sponsored activity/event.

Meetings with the designer are not required however meetings must be at least 48 hours in advance of the requested meeting time. Projects are only officially taken on by ACE when you receive a confirmation through Anchor Link. After the confirmation within a couple days the designer assigned to your project will email the client and remain in contact with the client throughout the duration of the project. Please allow at least 10 days after the Anchor Link confirmation or initial meeting for projects to be completed.

Please note that we are not a printing service.

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Address Sarratt West Wing
Room 359